Health and Wellbeing Client of the Season – Spring 23

June 25, 2023

HILS provides in-home support as well as safe, welcoming spaces at our Community Hubs. Our Health and Wellbeing Client of the Season Award is an opportunity for us to celebrate our clients’ achievements and determination, and to inspire more people to seek help if they need it.

Getting Together

This season we are celebrating 90-year-old Peter, a regular attendee at HILS Community Hub, Friendship House, until its temporary closure during the pandemic. Peter struggled with loneliness and isolation but has made huge progress since the hub re-opened in December 2021, attending the Wellbeing Café every Tuesday and Thursday.

Peter’s confidence and overall wellbeing have improved, and his positivity radiates throughout the hub, providing other clients with friendship and connection. He particularly enjoys getting involved with quizzes and posing for photographs wearing his sunglasses to give staff a good giggle. Our Community Hubs provide a safe space for clients to get together and have fun, and Peter is a shining example of the power of community.

“Peter always joins in with full enthusiasm and is a very valued member of our community here at Friendship House.” – Millie, Activities Assistant

Staying Active

Our second winner is 73-year-old Bob, who has just completed our Active Ageing exercise programme. Bob lives alone and sadly experienced a coma two years ago, leaving him struggling to stand from his chair and maintain balance, putting him at risk of having a nasty fall. This seriously affected his independence and ability to do daily activities safely.

But Bob was determined to get a spring back in his step. His first goal was to be able to stand for longer than 10 minutes at a stretch so that he could cook himself a hot meal, which he was able to do after just a few weeks working with our Active Ageing Instructor, Nigel. In fact, by week six, Bob was climbing stairs – whilst carrying weights! By week eight, Bob was able to make the 45-minute round trip to his local shops for the first time in years.

“I always felt confident that Bob would work on his fitness in between sessions. His perseverance, commitment, and drive are an inspiration to us all.” – Nigel Payne, Active Ageing Instructor

Congratulations to both Peter and Bob for their commitment and becoming our Health and Wellbeing Clients of the Season. We hope they like their awards and that they will keep up the good work.