Celebrating commitment: Theresa, Nutrition and Wellbeing client, and Nina, Active Ageing client, crowned winners of HILS Wellbeing Client of the Season Award, Spring 2024

April 29, 2024

Our Wellbeing Client of the Season Award is an opportunity for us to celebrate our clients’ achievements and determination, and to inspire more people to seek help if they need it.

Staying Healthy

This season we are celebrating Mrs Dewis, who has had an incredible boost of independence over her year with our Nutrition and Wellbeing service.

When she first started with our service, Mrs Dewis was still recovering from pancreatitis which had the knock-on effect of causing type 3c diabetes. She was very weak at the time and even struggled venture across the room to step on to a set of weighing scales, which in turn had a negative effect on her mood.

Over the months, Mrs Dewis’ strength has grown in leaps and bounds. She can now take her small dog for a walk twice a day and has begun thinking about pushing herself to do some projects in the garden once it has warmed up. Mrs Dewis’ mood and wellbeing has continued to increase over the recent months.


Staying Active

We are also celebrating Nina this season, who showed real commitment to the Active Ageing programme.

Nina suffers from Parkinsons however she was very committed to the AA program. Initially for her walking she struggled as she would drag her feet and almost get ‘stuck’ sometimes. She struggled to push herself up from a chair however with persistence and correct technique, she managed to improve this and getting up from chairs became a lot easier towards the end of the program.

She went out the way to make sure she had her own equipment to help her with exercises such as light ankle weights and even foam poles. She and her family showed real commitment to the program and making sure they practised properly in their own time.

Doing the exercises was a great way for her to realise she is still capable a lot more and she did not let her Parkinsons get in the way. She really enjoyed the exercises and the program and has made a commitment to keep practising.