Lady smiling

Alison T

Finance Manager

What did you use to do?

I have previously worked as a Finance Manager in the manufacturing sector, an auctioneers, and most recently for a travel tour operator.

When did you start working for HILS?

I started work at HILS in June 2019.

What does your job entail?

I manage the Finance function of HILS, with my team. This entails cash management such as collection from clients and paying suppliers, running payroll, and reporting our financial results to both the executive team and to the relevant authorities.

Why do you enjoy working for HILS?

The team I work with, both on a day-to day basis and the wider team members at HILS. I think everyone is very positive as ultimately we are working to the same goal.

What is your favourite thing about HILS?

The fact that the company is all about doing such good things. Even though I’m in the ‘back office’ I feel a part of the team that helps so many people in their daily lives, whether that’s a hot meal, dementia support or help with getting back to being active.