Celebrating perseverance: Maureen, Active Ageing client, is crowned winner of HILS Wellbeing Client of the Season Award, Winter 2024

February 23, 2024

HILS provides tailored physical activity programmes to older adults living in the Hertfordshire community. Our Wellbeing Client of the Season Award is an opportunity for us to celebrate our clients’ achievements and determination, and to inspire more people to seek help if they need it.

Smiling client holding up her certificate and trophy

This season we are celebrating Maureen, whose confidence went through a remarkable transformation during our eight-week, one-to-one Exercise at Home programme.

At the beginning, Maureen was worried about leaving the house and felt restricted when it came to spending time with friends and family. HILS Active Ageing Instructor, Yvonne, saw that she was nervous and apprehensive, dealing with the challenges of Parkinson’s disease and feeling self-conscious about involuntary movements.

As the weeks passed, Maureen’s progress was evident – her involuntary movements nearly disappeared and were replaced by stronger, more controlled motions. Her newfound confidence translated into impressive walking abilities and a notable ease in changing directions. Week after week, Maureen eagerly looked forward to the exercise sessions, actively engaging in the powerful movements that Yvonne guided her through. Her friends and family noticed the positive changes, commenting on her improved stride and mobility both indoors and outdoors.

A testament to Maureen’s dedication, her balance score had almost doubled by the final week! During Yvonne’s last visit, Maureen expressed her gratitude, saying, “You have given me hope that there is more to life than being stuck indoors. Through these exercises, I now have the confidence to go out with my family and enjoy lunches and social gatherings.”

Congratulations to Maureen for her commitment to the Exercise at Home programme and becoming Wellbeing Client of the Season. Read more about our Exercise at Home programme.