Field Marketer

What did you use to do?
I worked for the previous meals on wheels service provider in the same role.

When did you start working for HILS?

Since October 2022 when the service moved across from the councils previous provider. I have been in the meals on wheels industry for over 7 years.

What does your job entail?

My role is to promote the service across West Sussex through our communication channels as well as attending events and organising Taste and Talk sessions.

Why do you enjoy working for HILS?

I enjoy meeting new people and informing them about the service. Its always nice to come away knowing that someone who may need our service now or in the future, now knows that the service is available to them when they need it.

What is your favourite thing about HILS?

The role our Community Team Members play and knowing that our clients are looking forward to receiving their hot meal as well as seeing someone. Many of our clients are isolated and so its heart-warming to know that someone is going in to check on them.